Invisible Powers Impacting the Global Politic

Regarding the supernatural one can study the entirety of a lifetime, read an abundance of books, even until the very weariness of their souls overcomes them with slumber. But these never come into the knowledge of the Truth. Nonetheless, the powers of darkness are pervasive and our drinking from the fountains of the dark side becomes intoxicating. To walk in the realms of the astral world manifestations of the New Age, command the powers of demonic presence and tread upon waters transformed into blood.

These are strategically relegated to the status of mere movie entertainment for the unenlightened. Yet, there are those who suppose they have command of principalities which fabricate the lies governing nations. They summon powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places. And all the while they suppose themselves to sit in the seat of God after having received demonic impartations.

Deceptions of these spiritual warfare engagements spin themselves into imagery and seductions of our minds. Where they are given life and weave the fabric of illusions, as we then turn ourselves over to believe a lie before we believe the truth. These deceptions are born not for illusions sake. Rather they are given charge; to bring about the advancements of agendas seemingly beyond the pale of human inventions and horror. Making possible, without evidence worthy of the International Criminal Court: Colonel Muammar Gaddafis being assassinated by Neoliberals, Regime Change out of the offices of the CIA and NATOs Humanitarian Wars.

Prevailing impotence and irrelevance of Christianity are manifested throughout the body of Christ. Where, the need for the major religions of the world to bring forth a people who personify the spirit and persona of their doctrine in truth, doth indeed languish. Rather there is momentum given to global leadership for their coming out of their occultist closet. For example, Tony Blair Converted to Catholicism, yet engaged in rituals and employed his own style guru to channel a force called The Light. An entity of which advice about thorny political problems was sought after. Less easily dismissible are reports from both The Guardian and The Edmonton Journal, that the Blairs took part in an Aztec rebirthing ceremony involving chants and prayers designed to balance their energy flow during a trip to Mexico.

Nor does Obama the former student of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright distance himself from the blessings of Hanuman; a Hindu deity who is an ardent devotee of Rama, a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana. A general among the vanaras, an ape-like race of forest-dwellers, Hanuman is an incarnation of the divine and a disciple of Lord Rama in the struggle against the demon king Ravana. While looking back on the Esquire Magazine from 1977 we discover demonic habitations of the Skull and Bones citadel (tomb), the most powerful of all secret societies in the strange Yale secret-society
system. For nearly a century and a half, Skull and Bones have been the most influential secret society in the nation, and now it is one of the last.

You could ask Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart if there came a time in the year 1937 when he dressed up in a skeleton suit and howled wildly at an initiate in a red-velvet room inside the tomb. You could ask McGeorge Bundy if he wrestled naked in a mud pie as part of his imitation and how it compared with a later quagmire into which he so eagerly plunged. You could ask Bill Bundy or William F. Buckley, both of who went into the CIA after leaving Bones  or George Bush, who ran the CIA / President  whether their Skull and Bones experience was useful training for the clandestine trade. (Spook, the Yale slang for a spy.)

But, the most sinister outworking of demonic entanglements made a part of the political intrigue was born in 1897 at the First Zionist Convention. From here was born a global thrust to bring the Gentiles into subjection of the Jews. It was the first global conquest so meticulously organized, summarily executed. And now are seated in the midst of the global power structures until this very hour.

There are twenty-three theaters of engagement chronicled within the World Conquest through World Jewish Government The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Where, we bring again to the attention of the readership, the supernatural aspect of this global engagement penned by Theodore Herzl, The Father of Modern Zionism. Who sets forth in his diaries that the Jewish State was born in the revelation of mystic vision with flashes and overtones of prophecy. When Herzl in a state of restless agitation in seeking out an address to the Jewish Question. A term stemming from the Middle Ages employed to encompass the issues and resolutions surrounding the historic unequal civil, legal, and national status between minority Ashkenazi Jews and non-Jews, particularly in Europe.

The warfare is real. But, in such an hour there is a need to lay hold of certain aspects of truth and power. Hence, ministries and prophets hidden in obscure and unknown places are being summoned from out of their obscurity. Frustration with media noise, social engineering of the collective psyche, and the stranglehold of media spin imposed upon us. Bishop desired to bring the three dimensions of our physical, mental, and spiritual faculties to bear in interpreting and bringing appropriate problem solving into the domestic and global arenas. His writings tend to frame and energize a more supernatural response to the painful groaning heard from the ruling classes, poor and disenfranchised of the world. Bishops online ministry is to be a continual unfolding and dissemination of the truths delivered to the Pillar of Truth Kingdom Church.

Hence, the need to turn away from the stagnation of traditional religion called Christianity; which can have a form of godliness but not demonstrate the power of biblical Christianity. Revelation is now provided for moving into the third dimension or the Kingly anointings of power. And from such a vantage point we have been ushered into prophetic intercessions. On behalf of those afflicted by the Jewish Nation of Israel and the network of those who would be the ruling elite. From out of these, knowledge was supernaturally imparted through visions that Donald Trump would win the presidency. And with that appointment dark powers in secret places, would seek to destroy the message of the people enshrined within Trumps presidential vision. It was within the instant of those realizations having been delivered, prayer weaponry was crafted:

Father God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior I submitted my ministry and political concerns and did petition you for divine intervention, clarity, and direction. Father God, you made manifest the fullness of your will and exalted Donald Trump to the office of president of the United States. Now turn your full attention to making President Trump and those who surround him; to be harbingers of your divine will and executor of your judgments. Father, protect his heart and mind from the deluge of lies and disinformation pouring out of his family, the mass media, neocon infiltrators, and deep state treacheries.

Open up the eyes of his understanding and cause President Trump to walk in the fulfillment of your will. Turn his heart to compassion as you employ him to set the Palestinian people free from the apartheid systems and recriminations levied against them by the Jewish Nation of Political Israel. Let favor, grace, and wisdom rest upon him as a hedge of protection and turn away the many faces of violence from him, his family, and loved ones. Cause him to fulfill his promises to the African-American community.

If I be a prophet of God, then let these manifest as according to your will.

Bishop Donald R. Corder

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