Wars and Rumors of Wars

Theodore Herzls Jewish State reads, “We must arm ourselves with all the weapons which our opponents might employ against us.” The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition, by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us. But if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

Hence, sophisticated weapon systems, regime change and tactical nuclear weapons; employing from one-third to six times the destructive force of Hiroshima. Are allegedly, parts of the Zionist nuclear arsenal in the Jewish Nation of Israels war matrix. Formulated in order to create zones of regional instability, their global footprint is affirmed through their Sampson Nuclear Option. Israels stolen nuclear inventory provides the necessary leverage; to orchestrate an integrated warfare utilizing the Saudi, US, European and a host of Western mercenary proxies. Initial designs of the Middle East-Central Asian war theater and the military globalization was being employed to prompt provocations of both China and Russian fronts. These ploy, setting the stage for the universal war as was necessitated by Theodore Herzls Jewish State. From which would arise order out of chaos.

So, at the beginning of the Assad Must Go War in Syria, we see convergence of planning for the Long War against terrorism by the United States and its European allies. Demonstrating the zenith of hypocrisy when this government partners with those same terrorist groups and US legislators attempt to have Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) the largest and most militant group, be removed from the U.S. State Departments list of foreign terrorists groups. MEK is believed to have several thousand members, one-third to one-half of whom are fighters.

Lying hypocrisy persist to the point of astonishing when we learn from Russia Insider a Bulgarian reporter has uncovered evidence that the United States and its allies, notably Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have been using Azerbaijans Silk War Airlines to ferry entire planeloads of weapons to Syrian militants, some of which ended up in the hands of al-Qaedas Nusra Front. Some 350 different flights, all labeled diplomatic flights to avoid being searched for weapons, were sent into the area, generally carrying arms purchased in Eastern Europe, so as to disguise the country that was actually sending them.

One might ask, where are the adults in the room? Lunacy assessments require not only evaluating the militaristic formulations of our global war machines. But, we must rise to a vantage point where we are able to view dynamics of the invisible likewise set in motion, and, giving rise to the material realities. Powers governing the national and international agendas have been identified by this writer as being the author of the Theodore Herzl deception and framed by the spirit guiding the Hidden Hand of the Learned Elders; but the present outcomes of such is not the coincidence of genius.

Soothsayers, witch doctors and Shaman of the Ph.D  have overwhelming sway even in contemporary governments and fraternal political structures. While prophets, are not in short supply throughout the world religious community. and we do not challenge the significance these all have in the lives of persons and groups everywhere. But, I would like to borrow a bit of hearsay asserting; that the most credible evidence for the truthfulness of scripture is fulfillment of that prophecy. Where structure can be detected in the continuum of time, subsequently providing a gauge from which one can determine where we are in prophetic time and what is to follow.

Travailing as in childbirth suggests the manner of end-time manifestations of the supernatural, in the affairs of mankind. What is specific in this discussion is the typical nature of birth pangs escalates in both frequency and intensity as the mother moves ever closer to delivery. Likewise this escalating pattern is seen in wars and rumors of wars now possessing lethal propensity not like has been found at any other time in history.

Where MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction); the Sampson Complex of Israel designed to destroy the world if Jerusalem is overcome; along with the US Senate being subservient to the behest of the military. Who in all of their retarded wisdom have deemed tactical nuclear weapons are safe enough to be used in conventional warfare. This darkness coupled itself into our understanding with passages of scripture, that nation shall rise up against nation.

Or, rather, ethnic group would rise up against ethnic group. A prophetic word being ushered into the forefront of the fake news media and is shaped into existence by the likes of Jewish billionaire George Soros. Who has taken the black light of Gentile hatred, fanned by the Hillary Clintons derogatory campaign; and is underwriting what is said to be a civil war in the streets of these United States. Hillary Clinton in her prescriptions to light up the Middle East and set in motion a cascade of militarized policing and hatred; paints the stage of our present reality.

Just as they cried out to Pontus Pilot let the blood of Christ be upon our heads and those of our children. So, it was written over 2000 years ago, and so it has been done. Just as they rested upon their fine couch and sighed peace and safety, before that generation passed away, their pagan Jewish blood ran down and flooded the streets of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The Russian blood spilled in the Zionist collaborations with Stalin and the bleeding martyrs of Palestine and even those who died unremembered from bloody excursions and profiteering around the world: the guilty shall in no wise escape.

Revelations of power are now stirring and those who are spiritual have been given eyes to see the coming forth of retribution as the earth groans in pain and travail. Even, while the sons of God are finding the depths of kingdom dynamics from within the invisible. It is from this higher vantage place that the ruin of a gainsaying rebellious people is prepared for their own destructions.

While sitting in quiet reflection I unexpectedly received a vision from the Lord. In what was nothing more than a fleeting second He communicated to me that the US underwriting of the Zionist monstrosities in the Nation of Palestine, would bring judgment and failure to both of their monetary systems. The message was so emphatic that my breath was taken away and I could hardly find within myself the ability to believe such a thing. King David said, I fear thine judgments. That same holy reverence guided me and I settled into an expectation that what was said by the Spirit of the Lord would surely come to past. And like Jonah I sat quietly to await the imminent destruction.

On the eve of the BRICS Summit in Chinas Xiamen in the Fujian Province, a defiant Putin hit back on the Western elite vowing to destroy the US-led Western global financial and trade hegemony. It is fitting that the master judoka Putin announced his Sun-Tzunian strategy in connection with the Chinese summit. A multitude of Sun Tzu quotes lend themselves to a description of Putins approach, but in this connection, we have this one in mind: What is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemys strategy. Putin Hits Back: Vows to Destroy Western Financial and Trade Hegemony by Jon Hellevig.

As a black man in white America I have had a life-time of engagements with the mindsets and brutal societal rebukes arising from the American mainstream. These experiences have served to develop unique sensitivities and insights when viewing the global political dynamic. Where understanding is developed for the endless patience of both Russia and China in the face of continual provocations, insults and acts of war engendered by Americas ruling elite. Hence, infantile and useless sanctions are seen as nothing more but an opportunity for BRICS to be side tracked chasing the windmills of the delusional Don Quixote.

What must be appreciated but alas, is not understood. Is the artistry of the Eastern mind as reflected in the Art of War by General Sun Tzu and the Chineses multi-generational business planning propensities. Russian mental disciplines I feel can likewise be observed through their many years of dominance over the global chess competitions. God once gave me a dream concerning President Putin and as I looked into the eyes of that vision. I was able to discern the KGB way was a necessary part of who he was and what he had to do. But, more importantly, I saw the piercing light of mental focus shining through his eyes. I am reminded of the Russian Grandmaster.

Alexander Alekhine born October 19, 1892 -March 24, 1946) was a Russian and French chess player and the fourth World Chess Champion. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest chess players of all time. By the age of 22, Alekhine was already among the strongest chess players in the world. During the 1920s, he won most of the tournaments in which he played. In 1921, Alekhine left Soviet Russia and emigrated to France, which he represented after 1925. In 1927, he became the fourth World Chess Champion by defeating Jos Ral Capablanca.

Relevance is found herein when recalling Alekhine was reputed to have an iron will and once he settled upon a game plan, could not be distracted by his opponents’ play. Of a truth, America is playing checkers and the BRICS are masterfully playing them.

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