A Leap of Faith

In a time where political correctness reigns supreme, so many do not endure sound doctrine and with the speed of global communications; I find myself pausing long and hard as I look upon the face of this worldwide ministry thrust. Where, my greatest fear is to not move in the revelatory word of God or my forsaking the courage to speak forth those things God has provided and compelled me to speak. How would the Lord have me respond to the scrutiny and nay saying surely to be invoked upon this facet of Blogging with Bishop Corder.

How does one frame and articulate the thinking of a multifaceted global paradigm. How does one fashion and legitimize commentary to the perceptual reality of the material and spiritual universe messaged through false media and lies. This online ministry is envisioned to be an alternative to the mainstream media spin. While, at the same time we aspire to move beyond crying wolf in global unison. As, the masses obediently restate the obvious talking points framing our deceptions. Blogging with Bishop Corder will be the place where those persons who are prepared for revelation delivered from the realms of the supernatural ministrations of the body. Are, provided opportunity and access to stand with us in prophetic prayers and intercessions delivered by God unto this body; all in opposition to the coordinated powers of darkness laying our societies to waste.

This is a forum where men and women of good conscience can converge their thinking upon the mutual challenges posit our global stage. Nearly the entire quorum of spiritual leaders who entered into the 20th Century, even with extraordinary demonstrations of Holy Ghost power, all fell into sin or disrepute as chronicled in “The Quest for Revival” by Ron McIntosh. Now we live in a time when whosoever would lend themselves and their thoughts to the global mindset is encouraged to bring the wisdom of their years, whether many or few, into this fellowship. Here is the platform upon which we fight to overcome the deceptions of this day and age as we find courage to press into the truth.

Into the Depths

“What is truth?” was the question raised by Pontius Pilot on the day he was coerced by the Jews to murder Christ. Pilot was a man who wielded the power and influence of Rome. People died on a whim or fortunes could be made with a simple nod of his support. Challenges of Rome were no different than this contemporary stage wherein we now find ourselves. Moral decay of the nation, senseless dying, perversions of the ruling class and the social aristocracy; are reinforced by deadly opposition to those who would challenge the status quo. Where, validation of these factual matters betrays evidence that there is nothing new under the sun. Nonetheless, Pilot was a man who no doubt knew the entirety of culturally accepted nuance and was a master of the talking points. But, indication is provided, wherein we garner he sought much more than the superficial treatment of complex societal woes, he rather engaged the question, “Now what do I do about Jesus?”

Embodied in Pilot’s dilemma is the entirety of his learning stemming from childhood, formal education and rubbing shoulders with the vanguard of their modern day thinking. Constructs defining the boundaries of possibility and aspiration were no doubt fully operative as he surveyed the known parallel truths converging on the Roman road. In essence, Pontus Pilot was a company man and faithful to the party line. But, now he is confronted at the eternal crossroads of his own life and is required to address and render judgment.

Now, again we likewise as a people are required to render judgment in a time where truth is generally hidden from the masses in all of its manifestations. Artificial intelligence in all of its finery remains merely an extension of the finite that crafted the programming. Throwing prayer out of the American schools has not made us a wiser more intelligent gene pool. My having read the prologue of Charles Darwin’s first work wherein he confessed that there must have been a God to shape the course of nature; does not dissuade our institutions of higher learning from advocating a “Big Bang Theory.” Rather doggedly such is cited as being the true origin of the material universe, yet fails to address the undeniable invisible realities. In this convoluted reality we have declared ourselves to be God and become great in our own eyes.

If we concede to the possibility of absolute truth then a platform can be built to search out not only the meaning of life but understanding of the chaos governing the affairs of men. Iran was not arbitrarily singled out for the wrath of Washington D.C.’s marionettes running the war machine. Christians have not accidently chosen to support a Jewish Nation of Israel, steadfastly positioned in defiance of international law and the moral code standing them up in support of the dehumanization of the Palestinian people. I do not believe in random cause and affect scenarios but assert there are intelligent agendas in operation. In the time to come I look forward to identifying and making a difference between the truths and fallacies holding our reason hostage and logical sequencing unto sound judgment rendered impossible to achieve not being appropriately informed.

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