Weapons of Our Warfare: The Art of War Part 2 of 5

Command of factual truths as framed by the Sun Tzu icon of “Earth” is rendered meaningless if the soundness of our judgment tends to foolishness. Balance of the five elements espoused in the Art of War: (1) The Moral Law; (2) Heaven; (3) Earth; (4) The Commander; (5) Method and discipline can serve to frame the model of our paradigm. But the spirit of wisdom must direct our steps making possible our being established in the multiplicities of warfare through intuitive understanding. Where challenge and study sharpens the method and disciplines necessary to rise above the rank of novice.

It is from this pinnacle we are made able to move from rote learning and into the living sphere of the sun of righteousness. Where, truth can then be recognized as being alive through the spiritual essence forming our minds. Entrée into this realm translates us into a perpetual state of being where our ability to engage the spiritual is elevated. This spiritual quality can be understood to translate itself, into the very fabric of our perceptual and actual realities.

Let us assume that our engagement arises from the invisible and moves to shape the circumstance of life. Hence, deception is our opponent. We then are able to recognize our exist is in a time where we deceive, are being deceived. Oftentimes unaware the father of lies is everywhere present fueling our passions. From said vantage decision is formed as we come to the ramp ways of life and choose whether or not we will embrace the lie or believe the truth. Or, shall we be blind rather than be made able to see. Thus, the rewards and outcomes we own; and the harvest praises us at the gate of our journey’s end. Subsequently, we ask ourselves here and now, as did Pontius Pilate, “Well, what is Truth?”

First, Truth is not a singularity but rather is omnipresent, hence it cannot be finite or parallel to itself but rather Truth must be eternal in all of its manifestations. Vantage point of life, postured upon Truth. This manifest truth dispels the lying darkness dragging us into captivity, born of shallow judgments and miscalculations arising from reflex born of blinded eyes.

Second, Truth cannot be overcome by death, a difference of opinion nor is she impotent. Rather, the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of the Truth provides for the eyes of our understanding being opened and our being enlightened. Whereby, we may know “Truth is All-powerful”. Hence, it is in the realm of the invisible where balance and sound judgment is inspiration for addressing woes of the material planes and demands of life.

Third, Truth brings a piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hidden manna of the deep and intimate mysteries of life, coupled with the will of Him who is eternal. Is achieved as we are separated from folly and vain pursuits by the Sword of Truth; whereby we are separated into the Newness of Life.

Fourth, Truth through eyes of flaming fire and footsteps forged in the furnaces of judgment lays bear the hypocrisy of churches, nations and the liars they represent. Like unto a morning star one can conclude God’s knowledge of the Truth is that it is the light of the world shining un-comprehended into this present darkness. Yet through knowledge of the Truth we enter into power over nations.

Fifth, Truth does not have to be dressed up with a lie. Rather it is a Faithful and True Witness permeating the material, soulish and spiritual realms of our existence. Truth gives substance to natural and spiritual laws. Yet, Truth is also a discerner of the imaginations of the evil and the good stirred within our hearts. Thus, it is the plum line and standard for all judgment.

Sixth, Truth in the eternal and the finite is unimpeded by chaos upon all of its multiplicity of life’s stages. In as much as, Truth alone will never die or pass away. Madness and frustration inbred into societies governed by those who have fled from wisdom’s embrace, govern the masses as brute beast. Like vapor these have but a short time, as Truth becomes the good news of our salvation in every circumstance.

Seven, Truth in the context and standard guiding the affairs of men, crowns and exalts a people. Whereas sin or a society who walks not in truth but rather have chosen error, is a reproach to any people. Truth then can be styled as a Scepter of Righteousness whereby entire nations can be exalted above the heads of their enemies.

The seven dimensions of truth cannot be made effective if restrained from the heart and is confined to the head. Nonetheless, in this series knowledge of the truth will be employed and contrasted against the waves of deception and misinformation forged ‘…by an anti-intellectualism cheerleaders, led by expensively educated hacks. Who, burrow themselves within the payrolls of Multinational Corporation’s. From said perch give their mainstream media voice admonitions of false reassurances. To their bored followers the repetitive cry is made ‘that there is no need to rouse themselves from their inter-passive stupor.’ (The Wandering Who by Gilad Atzmon published by ZerO books). But, surely it is of a truth that, “Through desires a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.” Proverbs 18:1.

Blindness is found in the eyes of those whose system of worship finds them prostrate multiple times in a day. This is incompatible with him who has been given the anointing or the oil of ministry affirmation. Where, miracles, words of supernatural insight with understanding, but, most of all the longevity of divine character; bolsters their faith, even in the face of the Israeli oppression of Palestine. Warfare levied against the Palestinians is waged by powers of darkness whose appetites are to kill, steal and destroy. Hence, we cannot arm ourselves with fallacy, vain imaginations and the colonialist mindset with expectations of carrying away the wealth of a land the Jews no longer have providential right to. As long as there is one Christian sent to stand for the Nation of Palestine, God is going to smite those who oppress his people and the meek shall supernaturally inhabit the land of Palestine. The global tide is turning not like a speed boat but a battleship; and old things are going to pass away for the rogue nation of Israel and its supporters.

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