Weapons of Our Warfare: The Art of War Part 5 of 5

When we recognize that the spirit driving the affairs of the Middle East and moving throughout the planet has been shaped by an agenda formed within the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion dating 929 B.C. Former spirit of the Arab Spring, hopeful expectations of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Constituted nothing more than a series of grass roots aspirations that served only to pave the way for the National Defense Authorization Act – a law  passed by President Obama. Which made possible, placing domestic terror investigations and interrogations into the hands of the military in the face of a Black Lives Matter grassroots movement. These having now evolved into seventeen intelligence administrations, which has opened the door for trial-free, indefinite detention of anyone, including American citizens, so long as the government calls them terrorists. Now, have turned their attention to destroying President Donald J. Trump.

These all become tools in the arsenal of those endowed in the Machiavellian mindset of the ruling elites. And the puppets they dangle from legislative strings of campaign finance and media might. Who reflect not the rule of law but rather law of the jungle, where the strong devour the weak. This all flowing naturally throughout the human dynamic and culminates in the graphic depictions of the Israeli bombing of helpless Palestinians while the children stand fearless before the advancing tanks sent to destroy their homes.

Clarity of sight is confused and discarded when both the Israeli and mainstream media spin, avoids and deflects the true nature of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation. The Palestinian aspiration and ideology endures the brutality of Israeli tanks driving over the dead bodies of a captive people. But, yet do they stand in opposition to the Nation of Israel’s brutal oppression and savageries levied against them. Palestinians in the face of their starving, being murdered and dying of thirst; nonetheless. the regional aspirations of the Jews persist. The Zionist scheme to dominate the earth as detailed in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is now being advanced and reserved for those of us who will not go quietly into the night.

The propagandist Frank Luntz wrote in The Israel Projects 2009 Global Language Dictionary and instructed the Jews to base their propaganda on the premise, “The fight is over IDEOLOGY-not land; terror not territory.” Adding that the now discarded Hamas Covenant written in 1988, had called for the death of the State of Israel and the Jews. It had been first introduced by a small group of ideologues and later set aside by the group. But to the Zionist propaganda thrust it was considered media gold.  Yet, what is not circulated is the platform of the ruling party of Likud the government of Israel flatly rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan River. Where, no place is given for the creation of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state.

Class discriminators and Anglo privilege is seen to move from beyond the Israeli model of societal apartheid. But, the model has transmuted into increased numbers of gated communities and private security mobilizations on behalf of the Zionist Ruling Class. As, is depicted in the Protocols and the agents who do execute the designs to secure acquiescence of the Gentiles. To wit: US Homeland Security was once being publicly attacked for identifying right wing groups; and former US military are identified and targeted as being hostile forces. Each body having potential to offer up armed resistance to perceived anarchy. The report of the British Defense Ministry setting forth polarizations and concentration of wealth will create a revolutionary middle class and under classes threats to social order –  creating a unification in accessing knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes more conducive to their personal and national self-interests. “The Political Economy of Dictatorship” by Ronald Wintrobe Cambridge University Press, 2000, p. 130.

Deep State had positioned former FBI Director James Comey to affect a coup against President Trump. From which we deduce the absence of political will to reverse the domestic decay necessitated by dismantling the political alliances with the militaristic state of Israel. Who according to the Protocols of the Elders did seize control of the mass media, laid a stranglehold to the American political apparatus and is uprooting the entire domestic power configuration that was once based upon traditional values.

It was common knowledge to the ruling elite that the Supreme Court had undermined efforts to thwart an open democratic society and fair voting. This is further reflected in the state’s now standing in opposition to President Trump’s desire to review the voting records in order to uncover fraudulent voter registrations of dead folks. Democracy is being ripped from the heart of our society as mechanisms of campaign finance; that serve and reflect the interests of the American people; is turned over to clandestine political contributions. Faced with the reality that the US government by and large does not support the wellbeing of its own citizenry other options must be considered as we address the liberation of Palestine and relieving the suffering of Gaza.

While we did naively, look to Middle Eastern leadership to support the Palestinians. It becomes blatantly clear that we in America have need for a reality check. Mobilization of the political machinery employed to derail the Palestinian’s bid for recognition before the UN. Those mechanisms coupled with the financial might, made available through systems not un-similar to the TARP program’s transfer of wealth to the multi-national bankers. Or the multi-trillion dollar give away to Middle Eastern Despots and the savage Jewish wars waged against Syria and Iran.

That blood money was subsequently used for payoffs to crooks, disreputable politicians and despot nations. What we witnessed has been a splendid manifestation of the American Republic being lost. Lost, along with all of the military might once employed as the power of the people, now being given up to the hands of dark powers lodged in hidden places.

Entrenched and fortified with wealth, technological supremacy, vast arsenals of lethal force and mercenaries for hire and murder – all feeding upon US tax payer dollars. Smug disregard for the suffering of the masses is rather an issue of controlling the diets and beating the people’s until their spirits are broken. Such as these sit in the temples of their corporate boardrooms and declare them selves divine rulers of the universe and relegate God to being the opiate of the masses. Whose arrogance does not allow them to consider their own mortality or that of their children as they move ever closer to the eternal questions of their eternal state of being.

Powers inherent within the faith communities of the world are unique in their characters and ability to cause their adherents to rise up with a blinding might. Such, is unquestioned and understood by the ruling classes’ and their armies, quite well. Nonetheless, I will give some attention to the area in which I am personally more acquainted and that is the precepts of the invisible things. Simply stated divine prerogatives are fulfilled when we come into the unity of the faith and manifest as the sons of God.

It is in that hour when the groanings of the earth are silenced and the sons of God show forth the character of God. Now, is the revelation delivered unto us wherein we are entering into the realms beyond what we perceive as impossible. And find ourselves gaining access to those things beyond all that we can ask or even think. Power of spirit directed intercessions upon a single focus is almost unheard of. Where the mystery of our being joined together in one mind is not understood or embraced.

So, we continue along the same trodden paths and we are eternally confronted by the same realities. Thus when the people are brought together they are not in the same mind, do not believe the same thing. Each goes in his own direction as we collectively appear as sheep wandering without a shepherd. The universal laws and eternal truth do not require that any of us walk in the light of truth. But, our decisions have no bearing on the factual elements framing our collective bondage and the needs of the Palestinian people. The spirit of our mind must ascend into the dimensions of God’s kingdom whereby our heads will be seen rising above those who know not the truth. It has little to do with where we hang our hats but rather the matter is to whom do we offer up our hearts.

In conclusion I leave you with the knowledge that you need only desire spiritual gifts and the powers giving rise to this spiritual warfare can adorn your life. Here you have a preacher who would feed you righteousness and open up the scriptures from where this all was born. Not with an excellency of words but with power. Ask and you can receive, knock and the doors of the kingdom will open unto you. He has declared that the path now before you is made straight. You have not these things discussed because you ask not. Rather, pray that the powers of this revelation with rest upon your hearts and adorn your lives.

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