Vantage Place of Invisible Precipice

Syria’s government declared that the ambassadors, staff of several Western countries, as well as Turkey, were personae non-gratae. “Some states recently informed heads of our diplomatic missions and embassy staff, that they are now unwelcome,” the Syrian foreign ministry said in a statement.

Adding Syria was now designating the ambassadors of the United States, Britain, France, and Turkey, among others, as personae non-gratae. While, the collective brain trust and economic might of these NATO nations, cannot manage their own affairs. Nor are they competent in stemming the global dynamic reverberations of their blind leadership. Consequently, none of them can root out the cancer of the Zionist Protocols for World Domination. Which, is now, hidden within and behind their own governments.

Yet, these Western elites bask in their own self-righteous hypocrisy as they unlawfully break their nuclear treaties with Russia. At the same time, these figureheads chasten Iran with ungodly and unlawful sanctions. All, done in concert with, their NATO partners at the behest of the 1% club. Enhance the nuclear capabilities controlled by a rogue Israeli nation. Along, with the Jewish Nation of Israel’s mutually assured destruction scenario ironically referred to as their Samson Option. A nuclear holocaust programmed to blow up civilization if we Goya upset the Jewish nation sufficiently and make them like, really mad.

Assad Confronting Zionist Warfare

Now we read, “Assad: Israel Has Exhausted Our Patience and Iran Will Stay. But Has Putin Cured Netanyahu of His ‘Unsuitable Ideas’?Assad says, that in spite of the Zionist global provocations and opposition networking. Iran will stay as long as the Golan is occupied, as Putin had reportedly told Netanyahu. That if he crossed the 1974 armistice line, Russia would move out of the way and let Iranians have a free hand against him.

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has communicated to the Russian leadership that “Israel has exhausted our patience” … “Israeli jets will be a legitimate target for our defense systems if Tel Aviv doesn’t cease its provocation and stop targeting our military positions and jets”. According to decision-makers, “Assad has no intention of asking Iran and its allies to leave the Levant as long as any Syrian territory is occupied.” Assad has included the Golan Heights in ‘all occupied Syrian territories’, as well as the north of Syria where the Turkish and the US forces, unlike those of Iran, are present without the consent of the Syrian government.

On behalf of the Jewish State of Israel, the United States positions its military might in Syria, done in anticipation of future Middle Eastern confrontations. Meanwhile, the Asian Pacific was invaded by the US to support strategic maneuvers to intimidate and contain China; a strategic partner of Russia and a supporter of Syria. In response, we stop to consider that these same forces cannot contain what started out as a few Al Qaeda in the early days following the destructions of the New York’s Trade Center and later the Syrian conflict.

During the seven years of war imposed on Syria, Israel carried out over 100 attacks against the Syrian army positions in various parts of the country. It has also supported militants and jihadists by providing military and intelligence support, logistics and medical services. Nonetheless, Assad has won over all the countries who “did their best” – offering tens of billions of dollars, investing in intelligence, sending proper troops, opening the road to jihadists from all over the world – just to bring him down! But the regime held together, compact and strong, and came out stronger than ever, with unrivaled military experience. Assad therefore will have no qualms when he decides to respond against Israel, in due course.

One’s making sense of the US-Zionist Syrian warfare, economic attacks against the people of Iran, and strategic planning for perpetual Middle Eastern war. Require our venturing into calculations born within realms of the supernatural. Complexities in the book of the Protocols energizes the mind of the Zionist political paradigm. Protocol No. 7 entitled Universal War states in paragraph 3, “We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us. But if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.”

Mind of  the Zionist

Insight of the Zionist mind of Israel was supernaturally revealed to us when God delivered to us a copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion for Jewish Domination of the World. Upon our first encounter with the treatise, powers of darkness literally reached out from the pages. As the spirits inspiring the work they sought to subdue my mind with overwhelming confusion. But, over a period of time spent in prayer and fasting. I was given eyes to see into the heart of their insidious designs what had been spirited away in secrecy and developed over hundreds of years.

What followed was an in-depth study of the book and the twenty-four items of their global warfare. An understanding was further advanced upon my study of the Jewish Talmud and their tribal theology. What then followed was my reading through the works of Theodore Herzl the Father of Modern Zionism along with the writings of his contemporaries.

Foundation for piercing the veil of the Jewish mysticism was fashioned in my calling and preparations into the apostolic ministry. Where, insights and working of spiritual power, supernatural discernment born of the Holy Ghost, and years of personal concentration and covenant-making before the King of Kings. Such, positioned me with a heightened sensitivity to the message and mind of darkness. From which, a doorway was opened into the spiritual realm and my next dimension of ministry training came alive.

What came afterward was a word from God and his directing me into what I later understood. Were consecration, spiritual instruction, and sanctifying of my church and bishopric to minister with me in a single spiritual mind and purpose. It was at the end of that three and one-half year period that vision for global ministry was introduced to me and the naked power of the Jewish campaign against the Gentile world made clear.

Spiritual Precipe of our Warfare

The Lord brought me into the vision and I was summoned to kneel with him before the throne of grace. Where his intercessions shaped the realities of our material world and I was granted the privilege of kneeling by his side in world-changing intercessions. From out of this continuum I was given a charge to establish a cyber ministry we now call Bishop Corder Kingdom Ministries. From out of the belly of these spiritual dynamics we will attempt to share the truth and power of this walk with those who have an ear to hear.

Bishop Donald R. Corder, prelate
Spirit of Life Kingdom Fellowship

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