About Us

Our Approach

Bishop Donald R. Corder and Pastor Rozlyne Corder preside over the Spirit of Life Kingdom Fellowship and were called to establish the Pillar of Truth Kingdom Church. Supernatural demonstrations of power and prophetic revelation in the ministry have quietly evolved in magnitude as darkness grows the more extensive and darker in global affairs. Through the power and authority of the Holy Ghost we look to God to move according to scripture and Him tearing down the seat of the spirit of the anti-Christ governing the Jewish Nation of Israel and the apartheid governance of the Palestinian people.

Our Story

Bishop Corder is author of End-Time Church Mysteries and Revelations and had been a frequent contributor to online media. Bishop’s in-house work has extensively been addressed to those students who are ready to enter into the deeper realms of revelation. Understanding of the invisible things driving the world’s agendas is first achieved through instructions in the non-corporal elements of God’s Kingdom.

Prophet Eason’s Story

Prophet James Russell “Rusty” Eason has been ordained into the Kingdom Prophetic ministry and is currently the senior pastor for Chariots of Fire Kingdom Church. Supernaturally called to stand with Bishop Corder through the years, he has become a beloved armor bearer and intercessory prayer covering for Bishop and the Spirit of Life Kingdom Fellowship. Currently based in Africa, Prophet has provided international consulting in the agri-business and cold storage enterprise throughout the African continent, Europe and Eurasia. Energized by his spiritual gifting Prophet Eason has brought innovation to corporate strategic planning, operational innovation and forward business thinking. His participation in professional forums and national dialogues has garnered for him tremendous respect within the industry and church community.