The Art of 21st Century Warfare Part 2 of 3

21st Century WarfareArt of 21st Century Warfare Perception is fashioned by a bent stemming from a reconstructed reality, fashioned by the paradigm of a self-serving continuance. An ideology, forged within the heart and perpetuations of wealth, by the 1%. Rather, than having vision of a sustainable domestic or a financially closed global system protective of monetary flows. Europe is crumbling, the man who was once seen to be its potential savior, Italy’s former Prime Minister Mario Monti, “Super Mario.” Whose message did echo the strategic aims of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion for global domination? Where, the economic warfare of Theodore Herzl the Father of Modern Zionism and subjugation of the masses through destruction of their liberties; was quietly advanced in the noise. Where, accommodation was then and as is now providing for a much higher degree of ex ante coordination of national fiscal policies guided by unknown leadership. Continue reading “The Art of 21st Century Warfare Part 2 of 3”

The Art of 21st Century Warfare Part 1 of 3

Art of 21st Century Warfare

The Art of 21st Century Warfare is based upon the spiritual issues of life flowing through the consequences of darkness. Primal elements shaping our sundry and material realities; are positioned as primary drivers for decision making and judgment apparatus. Platforms they are, brought, into our personal and collective realities. Where understanding of these multi-dimensional impacts, are delivered to them who make a decision to hear the voice of wisdom. Whereby, through no power of their own, did these gather that grace and eyes made to see. Rather, from the wellspring of desire, resident from within our inner most being. A man or woman will separate themselves and find discourse with all wisdom.

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Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 4 of 4

Mind of Zionism Madness
Mind of Zionism Madness

Non-corporal intangibles are driving Zionism and the mind of madness. Spiritual manipulations of the principality are bringing political Israel to embrace the illusion of their inalienable right. To ransack, murder and brutalize the Nation of Palestine.  Unabashed manipulation of the political strength of what was thought to be the world’s remaining super power. Global networks of power and influence allowed political access of the Hidden hand of Zion to deny Palestinian people entree to the World’s Criminal Courts. In effect those who called themselves Jews thwarted the court’s ability to address war crimes, formerly identified by the United Nations historic report prepared by Justice Goldstein. A damming and comprehensive historical document found to be devastating in its indictment of Israel and their subsequent violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people. Continue reading “Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 4 of 4”

Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 3 of 4

MInd of Zionist
Mind of Zionism Madness

“According to the records of secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish learned men, already, in 929 B.C., thought out a scheme in theory for a peaceful conquest of the whole universe by Zion. As history developed, this scheme was worked out in detail and completed by men who were subsequently initiated in this question. These learned men decided by peaceful means to conquer the world for Zion with the slyness of the Symbolic Snake, whose head was to represent those who have been initiated into the plans of the Jewish administration, and the body of the Snake to represent the Jewish people – the administration was always kept secret, EVEN FROM THE JEWISH NATION ITSELF. Continue reading “Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 3 of 4”

Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 2 of 4

Vision of ZionismZionism as perceived in the contemporary community was historically a Judeo-centric revolutionary idea. But its historic reach spans thousands of years and shapes even today’s headlines. Patterns of Israeli political implosions are observed after their having fallen from its divinely inspired Middle Eastern domination. Here was an empowerment who found its zenith under the rule of King David and his son Solomon. Now laid to waste by spiritual dynamics that have followed them throughout the centuries. As, their inner-circles, set upon themselves to devour one another. Treacheries were carried out in the face of their external facades, and, proclamations of tribal solidarity. Kings were historically deposed by treacheries of young Jewish upstarts and failures in religious-political judgment. These embedded flaws all giving rise to their bloody march through the annals of history. Therein setting the stage for the destructions we now witness assembling themselves in this present hour. Continue reading “Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 2 of 4”

Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 1 of 4

Zionism as perceived in the contemporary community was historically a Judeo-centric revolutionary idea. Whose employment helped Diaspora Jews to identify themselves politically, spiritually and socially with Zionism serving as a collective symbolic identifier. Yet, since the Jewish state of Israel was established in 1947 political and financial power have elevated, their infiltrations on to and their command of the global political arena. In the United States AIPAC dominates the country’s foreign policy and openly pushes for an American attack on Iran. Zionism is now seen as a serious threat to world peace. Continue reading “Zionism and the Mind of Madness Part 1 of 4”

Confronting the Way of Delusion Part 2 of 2

Diffusion of Innovations was developed in 1962 by Everett, Rogers a professor of rural sociology who synthesized research and developed a theory for the adoption of innovation among individuals and organizations. Diffusion is the process by which a new idea or new product is accepted by the market. The rate of diffusion is the speed that the new idea spreads from one consumer to the next. Adoption is similar to diffusion except that it deals with the psychological processes an individual goes through, rather than an aggregate market process. In economics it is more often named “technological change”. Continue reading “Confronting the Way of Delusion Part 2 of 2”

Confronting the Way of Delusion Part 1 of 2

Perhaps the most profound tribute to General Sun Tzu’s work entitled the Art of War is written 1400 years later in the 1988 Vietnam Magazine’s interview with Colonel Harry G. Summers. Colonel Summers shared the following exchange, “But America’s fighting forces did not fail us. You know, you never beat us on the battlefield,” I told my North Vietnamese counterpart during negotiations in Hanoi a week before the fall of Saigon. He pondered that remark a moment and then replied, “That may be so, but it is also irrelevant.” Sun Tzu says: ‘The consummate leader cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is in his power to control success.’ Continue reading “Confronting the Way of Delusion Part 1 of 2”

Way of Delusion Part 2 of 2

Moving beyond the two dimensional construct of mind. Formulated by the biochemical composition of the brain, where, interpretations of cause and effect are inherently contained. Makes possible our responding to the online dictionary definition, “Delusion refers to some firm belief you have that is actually not grounded in reality or truth, often occurring as a result of a mental problem. When you hear voices in your head and believe they are the voice of the President or the voice of Jesus communicating personally with you, this is an example of a delusion.” Humanistic centering of the West, giving rise to the pervasive tendencies of the mainstream and academic communities, continually published all about us; is appropriately challenged by the elevated vantage rising from the East. Continue reading “Way of Delusion Part 2 of 2”

Way of Delusion Part 1 of 2

Global unrest and disenchantments reflect the change in perceptual reality and fabrications begging solution by the victimized. But nonetheless is consistently employed in perpetuation of world system designs framing the status quo. Understanding the reality of wealth is by fiat or consensus of those who control the illusion of wealth. We must prepare to accommodate that the resources of the world are running out and the more of us who are killed in senseless wars, starved to death or aborted in the womb. Represents one less soul to threaten and potentially share power with. Then we can understand that maxim detailed in the Protocols of the Elders is; to kill the Goyim but leave the Jews in relative safety. Continue reading “Way of Delusion Part 1 of 2”