Down with Christian Zionism: Blind Guides Part 4 of 4

Moving into the dynamic power and realities of a theocracy is not just a notion of Kingdom it is a doorway into the mind of the miraculous. Elevation into the higher realms of spirit creates reality filled with visions of the spiritual landscape, spirit winds of inspiration channeling throughout the fabric of one’s moment in the now and an acknowledging of the Truth. Contra wise mechanisms bringing forth similar designs of emulation are found in the illumination of Theodore Herzl the Father of Modern Zionism, and, the powers giving rise to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion who write: “It is understood that the brain reservoir of the king must correspond in capacity to the plan of government it has to contain. It is for this reason that he will ascend the throne not otherwise than; after examination of his mind by the aforesaid learned elders.”

Just as a young man was witnessed on the Christian Broadcast Network’s 700 Club to see the world, although he had no eye in the socket. Or, I can recall the mother whose intestines had been removed, yet, she was able to relieve herself. Herein we assert, one must not be entrapped by the seeing of our eyes in the rendering of judgment. When, we consider the triune nature of man as body, soul and spirit. The mind is understood to be only a medium resident within the essence of the soul as it integrates the realities of the spirit in understanding the demands made upon us in the material. Whereby we find awareness and formulate judgment. Failure of the Protocols is herein set forth to be a failure in dimensional understanding and eternal truth.

Suffering, bloodshed and horrors given rise to the Jewish preoccupations on power, is littered throughout the entirety of their history. Rebelling against the understanding, their God at a time appointed. Would himself go into the depths of hell to retrieve those persons who were slain when the House of Jacob first invaded the land first promised to Abraham. These were ensamples or they were depicted to act out for our understanding, qualities in the natural reflecting the operations and consequence of dynamics framed within the invisible. Eyes were then available to see undeniably the wages of sin was death. As forewarned in the fashioning of their covenant instructions and walk with God. The ruling demons over these nations did later cause Israel to be snatched from their covenant with God, just as he had warned them. But, since that time their national warfare’s were derived from a spirit who had not brought them out of the land of Egypt.

Birth of Political Israel

Bribes, political shenanigans and lies were the impetus for the birth of political Israel as we now know it. Such was not in keeping with the word delivered to them that God himself would bring the Jew to the land of promise at an appointed time. These who call themselves Jews do not meet the biblical prescription for Judaism in that their hearts are not circumcised, these are said to be blasphemers from the synagogue of Satan and are deemed to have the devil as their father, and not Abraham. Because they did not rejoice when Christ appeared in his day nor do they embrace him by and large, in this one.

Typically, a believer’s portion is found in their judging of the church while God is honored in their declaration, “He would judge the world.” But singularly significant in the matter before us now is these political corruptions gave rise, and indeed formulated the necessary structures to bring error into the church and the spilling of blood upon the sands and throughout nations – in the name of the church.

Herewith we conclude the warfare is not with the defenseless Palestinians or the other exploited third world’s development of national resources. Nor the political infrastructures laid to waste in what was the former Republic of the United States of America. They rather have profaned the house of God and church of Jesus Christ. While through their insidious doctrines of Christian Zionism are deemed a reproach amongst the faith community and people of good conscience. These who have been called a stiff necked people have risen up against the Word of God.

Demonic warfare such as this is not new to the New Testament dispensations but what is new is revelation of the spiritual hierarchy driving the global madness. But, most importantly the weaponry and stratagems necessary to bring about their demise is being advanced. Truth in spiritual warfare have been with us for thousands of years but the power to bring about the necessary changes has been locked into the times and seasons of power’s manifestations. While spiritual leadership has caused us to walk in error and we all fall into the same ditch. Henceforth, divinely inspired truth of fresh and progressive revelation is the platform upon which we must stand in opposition to the present darkness waiting to consume us and we, the nations of people.

Hirelings have all too often along with child leaders, been placed over the households of faith and these know not how to feed the people righteousness. Those not having the heart of God beating within their spirits, they lean to the heart of their own understanding. So we pray grace be given and they might not oppose themselves any longer. But, in the quiet sanctuary of our hearts we seat ourselves at the ministry of the kitchen table along with family and loved ones. Lifting our voices on behalf of those who cannot find accommodation for prayer; we open our mouths and cry out that these would faithfully walk in the character of own eternal purpose. And divine inspiration would light upon their hearts to direct their steps in the spiritual Occupation of Wall Street.

” …..what we assail is not a people, but, a power manifested in darkness”

Fully aware that what we assail is not a people, but, a power manifested in darkness. So, once more we incorporate in our hearts desire. And from this place we petition what is done in the darkness would be brought to the light of truth; even as the horn and power of the Hidden Hand be broken, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is cast down to the ground with the evil they sponsor in our corridors of power; and that the gold of their seductions perishes with them.  Even, as we are brought into singleness of purposes within our spiritual minds. Our tangible skill sets are employed to shape designs springing out of a good conscience and enlistment of eternal covenant prayer alliances throughout the households of faith.

Whereby, we become helpers one to another. And because we the people have one mind, realizing nothing is impossible for us and as a body is transformed. While the Spirit of Truth fills us with wise and understanding hearts; allowing each to know and peradventure continue to walk in what is the will of God. Where we would see, this spirit called anti-Christ cast down into the dust and placed up under our feet along with the powers driving the biblical error of Christian Zionism.

Bishop Donald R. Corder, prelate
Spirit of Life Kingdom Fellowship




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