The Way of Blood

The Way of Blood

Were we in the US, to follow the regime change tactical of the United States and Israeli powers that be. We would shoot the US political leaders down in the streets like dogs; jail every living soul who brought their discontent to the forefront of protest. Starve that portion of the citizenry who were not of a predefined socio-economic class. Like as Israel made Netanyahu King; we would follow suit and elect President Donald R. Trump as “King Make America Great Again.” Continue reading “The Way of Blood”

Vantage Place of Invisible Precipice

SpiritualVantage Place of Invisible PrecipiceSyria’s government declared that the ambassadors, staff of several Western countries, as well as Turkey, were personae non gratae. “Some states recently informed heads of our diplomatic missions and embassy staff, that they are now unwelcome,” the Syrian foreign ministry said in a statement.

Adding Syria was now designating the ambassadors of the United States, Britain, France and Turkey, among others, as personae non gratae. While, the collective brain trust and economic might of these NATO nations, cannot manage their own affairs. Nor are they competent in stemming the global dynamic reverberations of their blind leadership. Consequently, none of them can root out the cancer of the Zionist Protocols for World Domination. Which, is now, hidden within and behind their own governments. Continue reading “Vantage Place of Invisible Precipice”

The Art of 21st Century Warfare Part 1 of 3

Art of 21st Century Warfare

The Art of 21st Century Warfare is based upon the spiritual issues of life flowing through the consequences of darkness. Primal elements shaping our sundry and material realities; are positioned as primary drivers for decision making and judgment apparatus. Platforms they are, brought, into our personal and collective realities. Where understanding of these multi-dimensional impacts, are delivered to them who make a decision to hear the voice of wisdom. Whereby, through no power of their own, did these gather that grace and eyes made to see. Rather, from the wellspring of desire, resident from within our inner most being. A man or woman will separate themselves and find discourse with all wisdom.

Continue reading “The Art of 21st Century Warfare Part 1 of 3”

Confronting the Way of Delusion Part 2 of 2

Diffusion of Innovations was developed in 1962 by Everett, Rogers a professor of rural sociology who synthesized research and developed a theory for the adoption of innovation among individuals and organizations. Diffusion is the process by which a new idea or new product is accepted by the market. The rate of diffusion is the speed that the new idea spreads from one consumer to the next. Adoption is similar to diffusion except that it deals with the psychological processes an individual goes through, rather than an aggregate market process. In economics it is more often named “technological change”. Continue reading “Confronting the Way of Delusion Part 2 of 2”

Globalization of Planet Earth Invisible Places Part 3 of 4

Couched in the realms of the invisible we anchor ourselves with understanding of the cataclysmic crusades against the exercise of freewill and self-actualizations. An assault made effective against those who are not sociologically-economically defined as ‘the ruling class.’ Springing from a tribal culture inter-locked by massive self-interest and a love for money gives design of a New World Order fashioned as globalization. based upon the coming together of the World Economy, which in actuality alludes to the concentration of wealth maintained by the 1%. Who, pay their US military enforcer through the purchase of governmental securities and their subsequent liquidation’s. All, the while preempting opposition through lavishing privilege along with access to wealth and power. Reserved for the political actors; drinking away the blood of democracy from the Republic of America, and the world. Continue reading “Globalization of Planet Earth Invisible Places Part 3 of 4”

Down with Christian Zionism: Communion with the anti-Christ Part 2 of 4

During the 1960 Christmas season, Americans flocked to the theaters to see Exodus, a 3-1/2 hour epic featuring romance, handsome freedom fighters and the triumph of Jewish destiny over Arab evil—all set against a Yuletide backdrop of Biblical prophecy as heroic Jews returned to their promised land. Many moviegoers failed to realize that Exodus was not fact but fiction adapted from a 1958 Leon Uris novel, the biggest bestseller since Gone with the Wind. Directed by Otto Preminger and starring a young Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint, the film featured Lee J. Cobb, Rat Pack member Peter Lawford and Italian crooner Sal Mineo, a teen heartthrob who received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a Jewish émigré. Continue reading “Down with Christian Zionism: Communion with the anti-Christ Part 2 of 4”

War of the Worlds: Realms of Power Part 2 of 4

Some years back Cleveland Jewish News published, “Jewish Religion Embraces Atheists.” The Catholic-Jewish Colloquium then sought to tackle the issue of fundamentalism. Fundamentalism flourished in the 1990s for several reasons. One of the drivers for the fundamentalist phenomena was the out of control economic booms and busts of the global economy, which then seemed out of control. American dissatisfaction’s with our government had become widespread. Continue reading “War of the Worlds: Realms of Power Part 2 of 4”

Light Shinning in Darkness

How long will this go on, when will it ever end? Or can we put a stop to falling over the cliff our leadership seems bound and determined, to drive us over? Some short years ago Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned of a growing “cult of violence” around the world. Wherein, he expressed concern that upheavals in the Middle East could spread to his own country. Referencing, the ongoing interference into sovereign nations of Libya, Syria and the global chaos; orchestrated by the Western nations. Continue reading “Light Shinning in Darkness”

Eye in the Sky

Scramble born of fear drives even the rulers of nations, captains and kings to fear the mind of the people. And these frightened ones spill out upon our social medias, pillage our personal communications and infiltrate our gatherings; all in the interest of the national security safeguarding their personal gain. Where they pick a single fruit from the wisdom of General Sun Tzu’s work The Art of War then attempt to comfort them selves with the superficial to wit: “We shall be unable to turn natural advantage to account unless we make use of local guides.” Failing to understand they have already been defeated by an adversary with a much broader reach than the lies shouted from the housetops of global media deceptions. Continue reading “Eye in the Sky”

Israel and the Spirit of Antichrist

Foundation for this discussion was established about ten years ago. I through what could only be understood as a divine appointment stumbled across an article written by Debbie Menon for Middle East Online. Where, she articulated the plight of the Nation of Palestine under Jewish domination. As an African American my focus through the years had been directed into the plight of my own community and the business of my personal ministry. Struggles of the Palestinian people were basically unknown to me. But, God touched my heart and I sought out deeper understanding of this contemporary bondage of an entire nation.

Wherein, for no other reason than dumb luck; I discovered the online publication Intifada. This was the beginning of my walk into the Palestinian struggle, and I was allowed by them to become a contributing writer. My journey took me through the enclaves of biblical Judaism, labyrinth of the Jewish Talmud, and studies of the Jewish State as defined by Theodore Herzl the father of modern Zionism. But, of singular importance was my discovery of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion for Jewish Domination of the World.

Of the Protocols themselves little need be said in the way of introduction. The book in which they are embodied was first published in the year 1897 by Philip Stepanov for private circulation among his intimate friends. The first time Nilus published them was in 1901 in a book called The Great Within the Small and reprinted in 1905. A copy of this is in the British Museum bearing the date of its reception, August 10, 1906. All copies that were known to exist in Russia were destroyed in the Kerensky regime, and under his successors the possession of a copy by anyone in Soviet land was a crime sufficient to ensure the owner’s of being shot on sight. The fact is in itself sufficient proof of the genuineness of the Protocols. The Jewish journals, of course, say that they are a forgery, leaving it to be understood that Professor Nilus, who embodied them in a work of his own, had concocted them for his own purposes.

Mr. Henry Ford, in an interview published in the New York WORLD, February 17th, 1921, put the case for Nilus tersely and convincingly thus:

“The only statement I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. THEY FIT IT NOW.”

Indeed they do!

The Protocols were a compilation of ancient Jewish schemes to dominate the Gentile world and was codified in the written work comprising the book. It was distributed at the First Zionist Convention in 1897. For over 120 years the Zionist Jewish have feverishly adhered to the doctrines of what can now be understood as their spiritual warfare against humanity. The dark powers emanating from the work served to overcome Victor E. Marsden, who first translated the work wherein after it was declared: “It may be said with truth that this work was carried out at the cost of Mr. Marsden’s own life’s blood. He told the writer of this Preface that he could not stand more than an hour at a time of his work on it in the British Museum, as the diabolical spirit of the matter which he was obliged to turn into English made him positively ill.”

Spiritual inspiration for the Protocols sets forth there are twenty-three theaters of engagement chronicled within the World Conquest through World Jewish Government The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Where, we bring again to the attention of the readership, the supernatural aspect of this present day global engagement, was initially penned by Theodore Herzl, The Father of Modern Zionism. Who, masterfully articulates in his diaries. The Jewish State was brought to him and born in the revelations of mystic vision with flashes and overtones of prophecy. When, Herzl, in a state of restless agitation sought to seek out an address to the Jewish Question. A term stemming from the Middle Ages, employed to encompass the issues and resolutions surrounding the historic unequal civil, legal and national status between minority Ashkenazi Jews and non-Jews, particularly in Europe.

From this entrée into the realms of the supernatural; inspiration was given to Herzl to write the Jewish State. The treatise’s vision and methodology framed the necessary executions required to bring forth the Jewish Nation of Israel. The world was never prepared to respond to the single fixation of a tribal mind who did also wield the powers of their purses. This wealth was the product of a covenant promise, which God gave to the children of Abraham; they were to receive the power to get wealth. What is not understood nonetheless is that blessings can be turned into curses. A truth I was given to understand as the Lord showed me multitudes of those who call themselves Jews, pouring into a devil’s hell.

I pondered why it was that I was given such an assignment as was required for this ministry walk. Question arose, what is it that ties the Jewish challenge for world domination into the spiritual concerns burdening my heart for the Nation of Palestine; the Apostasy of Israel and my understanding of the hierarchy of spiritual governance and subsequent dynamics. After 40 years of moving through the mysteries of God in the course of visions, third dimension and historical biblical disciplines, dreams and holy communions of fellowship with the Spirit of the Lord. It was only the weekend of October 14, 2017 that I received a visitation from the Lord and he did open my eyes to see.

Moving through the imagery’s of truths contained within the Holy Writ. Declarations of Lucifier was employed as a stepping stone to elevate entrance into these realm of the spirit. Assessments and comparing spiritual things with spiritual things contained within the book of Revelation. But, foundation was achieved when I looked upon and reflected concerning the passages as touching the antichrist in the book of I John. I saw that it was a power reserved for the New Testament church disruptions, was energized by the preaching of false prophets and teachers; and brought with it delusions based upon lying signs, wonders and the working of miracles. All of these aligned to bring forth the fullest oppositions to the character and purposes of the Messiah. Just, as the people of God would be instrumental in the glory of God covering the earth. The messengers of darkness would employ the works of the Protocols and the writings of Theodore Herzl to cover the earth in what I now know to be spiritual darkness. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life would be the mechanisms to triggering submissions to the deceptions of principalities, powers, rulers of darkness in high places and spiritual wickedness in high places.

Yet, these only serve to block and hinder our eyes from piercing the most relevant truth, as did the manipulations of Legion when confronted by Christ. When reading, that there were many antichrist released into the world. I was allowed to see this multiplication did stem from a single personage, the Father of lies. From said vantage point the Lord allowed to flow within my spirit that Satan was the spirit of the antichrist. That he employed the biblical framework enunciated by Christ to spread the work of the gospel from Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria unto the uttermost parts of the earth.

On the other hand concerning the children of Satan, it is as depicted in Revelation 17:13,  “These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” Just, as the children of Israel were chosen by God to evangelize his word across the world. The New Testament Jews were set in motion to bring forth the ministry and message of the antichrist. In spite of the great inequities, horrors and the waging of wars in the lands of the Gentiles; the true confrontation is acted out upon the stages of the invisible; standing in opposition to the devil, Zionist Nation of Israel and its global networks of power and influence.

For those who are spiritual please know that we have been summoned up hither to walk in new vistas of power and revelation. It will make little difference if those who call themselves Jews, attempt to silence the voices of opposition to their apartheid system of Palestinian corruption; corruptions of the Protocols or financial dominance and economic implosions that will surely come. God has declared the end from the beginning. “They are as stubble before the wind, and as chaff that the storm carrieth away. 19  God layeth up his iniquity for there children: he rewardeth him, and he shall know it. 20  His eyes shall see his own destruction, and he shall drink of the wrath of the Almighty.” (Job 21:18-20)

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