The Art of 21st Century Warfare Part 3 of 3

Ruling of Invisible Israeli Powers
Art of 21st Century Warfare

Challenges of the material world are exasperating. Headlines are fashioned against the weariness of or collective minds in 21st Century Warfare.  Many are rendered powerless and without effective recourse as all are victimized by the Elite’s global employment of psych-ops. Yet, elevating ourselves into the mind of the spirit allows us latitudes.To observe, assemble and understand the invisible significances of fragmentations arising from within the world government community. Internal meltdown of confidence in the ranks of the Chinese aristocracy and technocrats ensued after a series of mistakes by the charismatic

“Machiavellian” leader Bo Xilai. Bo Xilai was a Chinese aristocrat who did build his political base employing populism, money and power and hailed himself as a champion of the new left. He was a  a throwback to the days of Mao in some ways. Nonetheless, foundation is laid for elevating the body politics’ whereby embracing vision of China’s President Xi Jinping’s Silk Road achieved.

Panic in the Middle East spreads as monarchies’ attempt to assemble wealth and power amongst themselves. Expenditures deviously employed in order to blot out fragrance of another Arab Spring within the Saudi- Zionist-Anglo alliance. These all abhor democracy with the same zest as their disdains for poverty. While their eyes become addicted to the glitter and glamour of the West. Addictions multiply and longing for satisfaction of their lusts from London to Monte Carlo. As ravish drives them to seek out and wallow in the delicacies of Paris; to the weaponized goodies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). So they sale their souls to a Zionist driven New World agenda and create for themselves a new regional political-military alliance. Weighed down with corporate contracts, missile deals, anti-Iran propaganda and oodles of oil money.

Russia Enters New World Order

Russia’s former oligarchy of 78 billionaires failed to bring diversification necessary for their faltering power structure and economic base. Whose economic foundation was a shambles as the oil rich political regime’s membership. These did flagrantly employ dishonest use of their official positions. Rather, these oligarchs and the political leadership elected for personal gain accounting for 20% of Russia’s GDP.

The filthy lucre garnered at the expense of the Russian economy and the other 141 million people in that country. This not indiscriminate thievery but was completed against backdrop of the Zionist Protocols objectives. Sergei Karaganov of Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, wrote in a state-run newspaper their aspiration was to make Russia a part of “the rising world.” Where we learn from Russian Trilateral members that the thrust was ten years behind schedule and the ranks are demoralized.

Commonality of class warfare agendas of the ruling aristocracy and political hatchery is a global ploy meticulously fashioned and pursued in earnest since 1898 at the First Zionist Convention. What the Goyim (non-Jews) bourgeois fail to realize is they are likewise slated for neutralization as is contained within the design for global domination; not recognizing they will never rise above the status of cattle in the eyes of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Strategic Aims of 21st Century Warfare

Nonetheless, the strategic aim operating upon the global stage is discussed in Protocol 6, VI We Shall Enslave Gentiles, “What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labor and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world, and thereby throw all the GOYIM into the ranks of the proletariat. Then the GOYIM will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist.”

When assessing the subtly of 21st Century Warfare; pre-eminent is the need to come into the knowledge of the truth. Look behind what it is we read or are being fed through media disinformation. A warfare agenda is openly confessed and published to having been fashioned by spiritual entities. We now know them to be called spirits of the anti-Christ. Powers of supernatural entities are found and attested throughout the world religions, practitioners of the dark arts and white witchcraft practitioners.

Where, accommodation to the Prophets; provided hearing into the ears of sultans, presidents and prime ministers throughout history. These mystics and men of God were made part and parcel to governance while giving voice to the body politic. What has failed is the integrity of the prophetic utterance, based upon the spiritual make-up and appetites of the prophets. A ministry class who opened themselves up to walk in communion  with spirits who do not speak truth. From here comes scandal and emphasis by a Zionist media. A body who employs fake media designs to throw doubt, unbelief and silence. Upon the deeds of those, who walk truly in the height of their spiritual callings and speak forth truth.

Elevation into Realms of Power

Nonetheless, learning the ways of the invisible realms can provide leverage to the more practical aspects of the collective thrust of darkness. Where, universal maxim informs us that these kinds come out only by fasting and prayer. But, understanding evades us as regarding the simplicity of a common denominator seedling, manipulates the political, multi-national and global economies.

It is a spiritual dynamic set in motion to steal, kill and destroy all that is Goyim and all that is of God. Hence, these factual truths provide for us rationale sufficient to consider thoughts of our collective severance. From political ties with Israel, by we who have been relegated to the place of ‘beast of burden.’ By those dark souls who call themselves Jews and even prompt our governments to murder us. Deceitfulness of riches seduces them into over reliance upon the Zionist funding sources. Wealth and privilege a deception of darkness; sufficient in magnitude, to give rise to overconfidence in the Jews ability to overthrow our nations.

Practical response can be formulated when clarity of mind is available. To those who aspire to rise above and beyond the envisioned servitude the Zionist so laboriously articulate. From which our social service media apparatus brings about a more meaningful insight as to their fears. Where the historical banning together of the masses has historically and now is feared.

Banning together and spilling out unto the streets we amass our collective desire. We direct with purpose and intent, to throw the politicians out of office. Bring indictments for treason against politicians, Israel first constituency and individuals. Filings made against those who support and maintain unlawful Zionist agenda to the hurt of our own constituency. We all possess the knowledge that we are feared. when we see the tanks becoming a part of the local police force arsenal. Betrayals of governance are empowered by corporate re-purchasing of our elected officials. Thereby, providing a worldwide framework of support for despots or the placation of their puppet regimes.

Infinity of response to the global dynamic, transcends guns and butter. Finding its richest expression in having freed our minds from the judging of our eyes only. Thereby, contradicting the Elders setting forth, “The GOYIM have lost the habit of thinking unless prompted by the suggestions of our specialists. Therefore, the Elders do not see. Urgent necessity of what we, when our kingdom comes, will have them to adopt. Namely this: that owing to difference in the objects of human activity, there cannot be any equality.” Hence, it must be conceded or ignored that the components to build a healthy community, lies within the power of our God given free will, and our embracing thawe alone must choose to think and only we can pray.

Bishop Donald R. Corder, prelate
Spirit of Life Kingdom Fellowship




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