The Way of Blood

The Way of Blood

Were we in the US, to follow the regime change tactical of the United States and Israeli powers that be. We would shoot the US political leaders down in the streets like dogs; jail every living soul who brought their discontent to the forefront of protest. Starve that portion of the citizenry who were not of a predefined socio-economic class. Like as Israel made Netanyahu King; we would follow suit and elect President Donald R. Trump as “King Make America Great Again.”

Inequities of Murder

Fearful confidence in these realities was brought down upon the heads of foreign citizenry. Not getting with the American Way has been diffused here in these United States; since the so-called race riots of the 1960’s. When, the Black Panthers had been summarily executed. Inner-cities encircled by traffic beltways. All designed to provide strategic and tactical movements for troops and weaponry. Alas, those are now supplemented by the accelerated abortion of the United States Constitution and drones over Manhattan.

Legacy of these deployments are unearthed within the historical records of Jerusalem and made available for our learning. As we seek to come to grips with their bombing a Palestinian people in lieu of them being without a single airplane nor weapon of mass destruction. Or, the Dudevan military unit specializing in the infiltration of Palestinian areas disguised as Arabs.

Whereon they went and killed the younger Shawakha brother, Rashad during a night time training infiltration. Unfortunately, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity have been committed against the people of Gaza as they be killed by the hundreds. Where justification for these atrocities against decency and basic natural affection is canonized in their religious writings, “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” –Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

Pouring Out the Blood

Blood stained the streets of Jerusalem even unto the place called Golgotha. Israeli mass murder did not begin or end there, but such rather provides context from which to ascertain the powers of the invisible in the Middle East. And as now is embraced by the Washington alliance. Ceremonial significance of blood speaks to innate reality, of life being contained within it. Wherein according to the Law of Moses the blood of beast or fowl killed should be poured on the earth, and covered with dust of the earth from whence it came.

Subsequently, attesting to the invisible dynamics and sanctity biblically subscribed to the blood. Making, those spiritual qualities or judgments transferable, as we shall soon see. Importance herein is attached to neither spiritual beings nor are their dynamic workings divisible one from the other. But, these all must be appreciated in themselves as being one in their reality, and act under color of a single mind and purpose.

Jerusalem had historically been called, “The bloody city” having wide reputation and historic consensus in support thereto. This place witnessed wholesale murders of the innocents, of prophets and holy men on a wide and notable scale. House of Saul, Israel’s first king, was deemed to be a House of Blood for their killing of innocent old men, women and children.

Spirit of Murder

Whereby, curse of famine was allegedly levied against the citizenry of Israel for three years. According to the chronicle it did not subside until the executions of the king’s seven sons was done on behalf and at the request of the murdered families’ survivors. Point in case is we are suggesting that illicit blood-letting of politicians on behalf of its people, can find consequence through the eternal composite of spiritual things into a household, a city or nation.

Spirit of murder as framed herein, is coupled with treachery and fraud and conforms to cosmic pattern for the gathering of spiritual things. Inasmuch as all will bring forth a fruit after its own kind. Understanding the escalating consequence of murder is to see it within the third dimension progression of treachery, fraud and murder. These powers gathered together to form a bloody march through history.

Like none other nation, save those who were indicted for the murder of their Messiah. Then, pronouncing that their blood should be on the heads of their children. Those selfsame children thereafter brought forth vicious wars they did not win. Their treacheries setting the stage and releasing the power of a holocaust and murder on a global corporate scale. Bringing forth deprivation, pillage and shedding of blood envisioned in a global apocalypse called their Sampson Option.

Outworking of the spirit of murder as witnessed throughout the history of mankind finds particular resolve of reason. In that murdering the people does not insure the longevity of the dynasty. In that these nation states are all proved to be finite conglomerations to be dismantled by foolish children making up the founder’s lineage and these also squandering the power of their generational inheritance. Looking upon the propensities we nurture for global disaster and self-destructions.

Zionist Configuration of Power

One cannot help but to remember that there is published that over 250,000 persons in just Europe alone are making up the Zionist Configuration of Power. This allows for over 250,000 sorties by this handful alone upon our liberties and rights to self-actualization. Or our becoming all that we are born to be, thus negating all that could be found possible in the diligent building up of a lifetime. Here we stand against a body that will not conform to the culture of others but hold fast to tribal identities and ways of life antagonistically in disdain to those that are not a part of their bloodline.

Where we now assert there is a consequence for walking in the folly of darkness. These who have forgotten the reprimands of life and only are the more incensed with pursuits in vain imaginations. These all will fall into the same ditch and into snares. Removing the sweetness of life and forfeitures in their appointed number of years; first envisioned by God for their lives and families.

It is knowledge of the truth that will sustain those of us who have been given the prize of a good conscience and our finding the pearl of great price. Where, the deceitfulness dwelling within the heart of man will not enslave us to fear and trembling. If there be a God mine would be a man of war, not one sitting upon a park bench whose purpose is to feed the pigeons and watch life pass him by. Rather he would be the Lord of the Battle and as a consuming fire would devour these uncircumcised of heart.

Knowledge of the Truth

It is in the understanding of these things that we anchor and fortify our souls in the day of this political and moral tempest. Whereby we stand strong and of a good courage, being not afraid of what these might do unto us. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him. Daniel 7:27.

Bishop Donald R. Corder, prelate
Spirit of Life Kingdom Fellowship




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